Hobbs Home Designs

Hi I'm Brittany

My first interior design was drawing imaginary homes and floor plans for my stuffed animals. This healthy obsession with interior design at an early age became a lifelong passion for creating Hobbs Home Designs (HHD)– a place where welcoming and beautiful homes come to be. I named HHD after my late father’s construction company. His work showed me how transformative home renovation could be and inspired me to bring this change into people’s homes. One of the rewards of fulfilling my childhood ambition is transforming spaces into stunning settings that you can connect with and enjoy being in.

Prior to starting HHD, I worked directly in this field for five years with a company, personally designing and project managing over 80 homes in the Bay area. During this experience, I ran into every hiccup and obstacle imaginable. I’ve come to find that roadblocks are bound to happen, and I value those moments the most for strengthening my creative problem-solving skills and giving me the knowledge to help great people like you.

I know your environment has the opportunity to affect your overall wellness in a positive way. It can help you feel focused and inspired, relaxed, or motivate you to take on your day. As humans, we love to gather in beautiful spaces, and I know good design helps cultivate that ideal gathering space for you and your loved ones. So, let’s get started on your home today.

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